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Checkbook & Change

from by Sinking Ocean Gods

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written by sinking ocean gods
jess-drums/vox/snake rattle

cute lil woo-woos- by lauren leilani, rachel martinez, keren verker, mike95, owen sean jess


before the roof collapsed this was a pretty nice house
couldn't get home/couldnt go home without
you don't leave the house period
its getting pretty serious
your little list dwindles and dies
and i just cannot compete with mistakes that i made
when i turn back around at it all unafraid
of every self in the room that was laid would serve only to hide

i know that you said that existing's exhausting
when i come home battered you're lickin' the frosting
ya say that its cake but that i gotta wait
tell me just how long will it be?

until you find some other way around
and if you find some other way around
i wont be down for you

i know it wasn't your plan to act like a bastard
but you went out at 9 and got home at 2 plastered
and still found the time to call your life a disaster and not even try to sound cute
and i just cannot abide by the new motorbike
that you ride in your mind and expect me to like
cuz your minds miles wide but you just aren't the type to take the beaten path through
over my shoulder its wind in the sails
cuz you said that you built something too big to fail
but i feel like i feel, we were trained to derail
i know that you're playin', "sayin'"

*if you find some other way around
i wont be down for you

(cue sacrificial chanting)

never promised me nothin' i couldnta stole
cept some old leather checkbook and change for the toll
im in line with my mind for the dole
tonight im eatin' fresh fruit

hate when you inch to the edge of the earth
yeah you get an idea but you question the worth
or you stop where you are and ask who did it first like you don't know how thats gonna end
and i figure i only got so many lifts left
and only so many swings at the thing i hit best
im not laughing this time you say surely i jest
but im keeping it close

*if you find some other way around
i wont be down for you


from Iguanadon, released November 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Sinking Ocean Gods Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

sinking ocean gods are a three piece from philadelphia

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